When good times go bad…

22 06 2008

 This year was a little empty cause i was in the army, so when I was free of my army duties, I decided to travel to central Europe. Just for kayaking with some friends, play at the beautiful granite rivers, join some waterfalls and have a great time, relax  and do business discussions. The week started with a sweet morning in a nice pool and drop river. In the afternoon after we had a siesta near a lake, we prepared ourselves for a nice  park and play waterfalls run. At 4 pm we jumped into the river with a really nice project (freewheel some waterfalls)and having the opportunity to video a really nice waterfall, the cylinder. After paddling the first waterfall and run some nice drops, my paddle stuck in a rock before a nice pool and with a little pressure for a low brace my shoulder easily dislocated.


In 5 min Dave managed to get my shoulder back but the paddling season had end for me. We went to the hospital for the necessary exams and everything was fine, so finally we went back to Alberto’s and enjoyed a nice barbeque with a lot of friends. Next morning  back to Greece for full recovery because, don’t forget,  in October the paddling season starts.


take care yourselves












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