Choose a boat

19 08 2008

This year I had the opportunity to travel a lot in Greece for paddling or just for having fun with friends. I was impressed because I saw a lot of people paddling around. The level of Greek  paddlers  is higher than I expected.

I would like, then, to give some advices for the right kayak equipment. As you become a better paddler and you have demands, you must also have the appropriate equipment for safety kayaking.

Apart from your kayak skills, for class III-IV rapids, you must have the right boat. You must choose the boat that fits best to the rivers you paddle. Creek boats are made for creek rivers,  playboats are for playboating etc…

Choose a boat with volume (volume makes the boat stable), with length (length makes the boat faster) and never forget to take into consideration the equipment that you carry.

In demanding white water, low volume boats are unstable and small river running boats are not appropriate.

Take some time with your instructor to make the right choice, to find the boat that suits you best!!!




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