Kayak school weekend- Evinos river

2 10 2008

A greek proverb says that the begining is the half of the whole and every beging is difficult.

 The first steps of Brainwaves kayak school are going really good. The past weekend an intermediate lesson took place at Evinos river and four kayakers came for an alternative weekend.


Action, relax, good company and happiness, all included.





Saturday morning we were in the entrance of the gorge, at Poros bridge. The water level was really low but that didn’t bother us, as the session would cover revision of elementary skills, body posture, basic strokes, ferrys, spins. The purpose was to meet the group and its level.

 In the afternoon we drove all together to Nafpaktos to dinner and relax.

Next morning the session took place at the slalom course. It has been raining all night, so the water was brown.


We practiced ferry again, with a little more pressure, we analysed the currents and we paddled till the Alpin Club base camp.

There we had an introduction to Eskimo roll. The time had passed and we started packing.


The weekend was enough to inspire us and gave us courage for continuing our kayak project.




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