High quality kayak instruction

9 10 2008

White water kayaking today is adventure, experience, nature and all about fun.

Material and equipment have been continuously developed to the highest standards.

Newly refined paddling techniques, sophisticated teaching methods speed up learning and make the sport much more accessible. The technical abilities of todays intermediate kayaker are already greater than standards over reached into the past. But even today the path is long to become an expert who can run a demanding cataract with ease and safety.

The new school of kayaking, the dynamic approach and the athletic paddling of today is a revolution for kayaking.

Approach of white water kayaking

       Flat water

       Moving water class I

       White water class II-III

       Extreme white water class IV-V

To become a professional instructor today it’s not, only, the diploma that counts. It’s, also, the knowledge, the experience, the skills. Coaching is a complex, thinking activity. It’s strength lays in the fact that we have gathered the best of what other sports and occupations have offered and used it to help paddlers get better at what they do.

Brainwaves kayak school is a new age kayak school that uses modern instructional methods.

Some of our instructional skills

       Coaching methods

       Psychological principles

       Discipline – specific coaching

       Guiding-leader skills

       Transferable skills

       Effective methods etc…


                  BCU Coaching Handbook

                  White water kayaking-OLLI GRAU

                 White water kayaking-KEN WHITING, KEVIN VARETTE






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