Brainwaves weekend

16 10 2008


Every weekend, from the beginning of September, lessons and guided trips give joy in greek paddlers.

Our special approach speed up kayakers progress. High  quality instructions and fun accomplish our philosophy.

The past weekend we went to Lousios river. Two kayakers wanted to develop their skills for river running and another one his playboating moves. The program should be like this. The first day we would have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The second day we would do a revision of the first day and some new techniques, in a really dynamic spot.

Saturday morning, after our breakfast, we drove to Atsiholo’s  Bridge. About 50 meters above the bridge is our spot. We practiced essential techniques, like body posture, ferrys, rudders, lean and braces, to be ready for our descent to Alfeios gorge. The descent took us 3 hours and we practiced all. After the successful descent, we had dinner in the traditional taverna of Karytaina village. We closed the day at Vrenthi’s sofa (village’s coffee place).

Sunday morning, after drinking hot coffee at our campsite and packed our stuff, we were ready for our all-day session in our spot in Lousios. Six hours of paddling, teaching new techniques and a lunch break gave us a lot of fun. The day was perfect.

Another Brainwaves weekend ended successfully and the memories will follow us…




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