22 10 2008

One of the reasons that paddlesport has such a progress is that the equipment we use has changed. It has been realy better and more close on todays needs. The equipment and clothing we have as paddlers needs to be functional ,reliable and as comfortable as possible. Any equipment that does not do its job properly, doesn’t always work as it should or is uncomfortable can be frustrating ,possibly unsafe , and does not help us to get the most of our paddling.


          Outer layer


The question is simple. Does it keep you dry?

This is the “armour plated” layer which is water-proof, windproof and ,depending on the material used, can be breathable. The range of fabrics available for this type of layer is considerable. Dry seals use latex rubber cuffs to grip the wrists, neck or ankles. These have been a revolution to paddle clothing, as total dryness is possible. Well designed and manufactured equipment is a bonus.

 However, no matter how well equipped paddlers are, without awareness, judgement and skill, they are still unsafe.


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