Aoos, Gormos, Voidomatis source, Kerasovitikos

6 05 2009

p41605031dsc004002After finishing the kayak courses at Grevena area it’s time for 2 days rest. In these 2 days we drove a little for water levels report cause the following days i will run a trip into the kayak Mecca of Greece. p41604921The flow was high everywhere so extra preparation and rest needed cause the runs will be super sporty!!!

p41605151The first day we paddled Voidomatis source. It’s the first time that I see Vikos with water that a descent could be done. Of course that means our descent will have high flow and the rapids will need extra care. p41700231The run was excellent, super fast water, boils and waves, pressure areas and as usual crystal clear water. This is a must run cause it’s one of the most beautiful runs of Greece.

p41700331The second day we change direction for the beautiful area of Gormos. The river was low but we decided to run it for first time. The waterfall section is amazing and is the California in Greece. We didn’t run the waterfalls and we succeed to run only the first gorge cause the flow conditions didn’t help us.

p41800202The third day after serious thoughts we took the big decision. The gauge at Vovousa 75cm, at Konitsa more then 1.71cm with no guarantee that this gauge works well, and the locals talking about super high water and no paddle able conditions. p4180077But the decision was to paddle the middle section of Aoos from his small torrent Distratiotis. From the beginning the water seems high.p41800901 This small torrent wasn’t a small torrent, it was a fast and technical river. No rocks, no pools, difficult eddies and turbulent water!!! The sun was shining and the guys were working hard so the descent of Distratiotis was excellent. p42000131But when Aoos appears at the left eye we were sure about super high flow. This descent was a very good experience for the river guys and gave them a lot energy to continue with a bike ride from Palioseli to Konitsa while I was drinking coffee with the ladies at Konitsa.

p42000591On Monday we paddled Kerasovitikos the traditional run when all others rivers are high.p42000721 Kerasovitikos is a super fast river, with eddies counted on one hand.

Konitsa area is the kayak Mecca of Greece, with several runs for all levels. Enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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