Brainwaves kayaking road trip Europe

17 12 2009

After one year and a half of Brainwaves kayak school existence the new Greek generation of paddlers is on the go!!!
We are trying hard for kayaking progress in the land of Gods and as a natural effect we have big changes into paddlers relationships and new balances also for the Greeks paddlesport figures.

On the occasion the APWE of Gene17 and meeting with my good friend and coach Simon Westgarth the team had a road trip from Greece to Devon.3 days of traveling throught Italy-Switzerland and France finally we arrived to Dartmeet.

The first week 2 young paddlers Theo and Panagiotis started their carrier to paddlesport industry as coaches after their five days training. Well done guys!!! Kayaking in Greece needs good coaches and good people for its progress. Between these days I paddled once with Simon and Satu and had great time to the upper Dart!!!

The APWE was perfect and I am sure that everybody had a great time.

Next week I had my training for UKCC coaching the new BCU system for coaches.

Finally on the road back the snow in the Alps had already done its appearance.

Back to Greece cause courses are waiting!!!!!




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