Brainwaves kayak school-Easter road trip!!!!!!!

12 04 2010

We started our road trip on Monday. Our first stop was Alpin Club base in Evinos river. Alpin Club is the most popular rafting company in Greece. I had to give them a hand and guide a raft.

After our raft activity in Evinos we took the car and drove ta a friends house in Arachtos river area, to rest and sleep. The next day a beautiful river in Central Pindus was waiting.

Kayaking Lakmos!!!


We started our trip early in the morning. We decide to follow the route from Kallarites village and pass through Lakmos mountain because it was the shortest route. The snowpack didn’t let us go from the short way , so we had to turn back and do a long tour to access the put-in of Lakmos river. We arrived a bit late and very tired but the sun was shining and the water level was perfect. Giorgos and I decided to do it. Eleni did the logistics.

From the beginning Giorgos was very tired and his back was in a bad condition so 3km later he decided to leave the river. I decided to paddle alone the rest 7km of the river and also to paddle the highlight of this run, a 8m waterslide. Perfect kayak day for starting!!!!!!




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