Week after Easter!!!

12 04 2010

Next week wasn’t so cool. On Monday Theologos and Panagiwta should leave us and Eleni and myself we drove back to Evinos for raft guiding. As I was driving back I received a good phone call. It was a invitation from local paddlers for a descent at Axerontas river. My time was limited but it is always fun to meet Greek local paddlers as in Greece we are only a few.

After the end of the raft guiding at Alpin Club Panagiotis , Giorgos and myself we drove north at Giorgos house. On Wednesday we drove at Axerontas put-in.

After the first km is a very small drop. Giannis a good friend and local paddler at this first rapid he dislocated his shoulder after a rock hit with his blade. 15 minutes later his shoulder has relocated and we drove to the hospital.

Bad things happen to good people!!!!

Next day we wake up late with bad mood. Afternoon we paddled Kallaritikos and Araxthos from Christos bridge. The water level was perfect and after 2 hours and a half we were at the take out at Plaka bridge drinking coffee at the super friendly Telwnio hotel.

*after the small canyon of Christos a big tree has blocked the river.It is unrunnable but easy to see it!!!

Next days we drove south for more guiding at Peloponnisos area.

The whole road trip is dedicated to Gianni!!!!!!

Gianni take care and we hope that your come back will be fast and your shoulder will be powerful as steel!!!!!!




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